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My first LAN checklist

15.07.2022 / 09:26

Are your ready?

Approaching the second Jaunjelgava LAN, there are certainly interested people who think - what is this LAN. Those who remembered computer lessons and were attentive enough will remember that LAN stands for Local Area Network. So a network that covers a local, close area, and can be a room, a house or an office. If we talk in the language of gamers, then a LAN is when players meet all in one room and compete head-to-head. Also from a technical point of view, a LAN is a place where it is possible to ensure the lowest latency, reduce lag and test the player's nerves and ability to play when a wider audience is watching.

Historically, LAN centres in Latvia have most often been in the form of internet cafes, the most popular among my peer group being “Eļik” - Internet cafe Elik, where various LAN tournaments CS 1.6 were also held. After the closing of "Elika", there was a break in the operation of internet cafes. Then there was an opportunity to go to Sarkandaugava during the holidays, where Goexanimo had rooms and when you arrived with your computer you could participate in various tournaments in CS: GO, Dota, LoL and other esports disciplines. At the same time, the computer salon Ludus also opened for a while, where tournaments were held, providing computers on site, but these rooms were closed relatively quickly.

Later, Goexanimo already made a climb to the top and opened premises in Old Riga with computers, where weekly tournaments were held, and it was also possible to play not only when there are tournaments, but also on a daily basis. Due to the pandemic, this club was closed, but now I am aware of two computer salons where you can go to play various computer games and where tournaments take place - CTRL and VilarGamer.

What you need to know before you go to LAN

My first experience on LAN was with one of the current Wolsung players, so you can say that I had a very easy and already beaten path, but that doesn't change the fact that you need to know some basic principles so that your fellow travellers don't think you're a fool.

  1. Find out what is already in the LAN and what you need to bring with you. It sounds elementary, but it has been experienced that a player arrives without his headphones or a monitor, because "you had it in the picture". It is best to write to someone who has already been, but if there is no such possibility - you can always contact the organizers themselves. Also, if this place already offers its own equipment, find out if you can come with your own headphones, etc.
  2. Make sure everything you have on hand and that you need is working. Often people settle into the comfort that one broken wire is a small thing, I won't lead it anywhere anyway and I won't pull it, but if you have to go to the LAN, it's better to check everything for safety sake.
  3. When you have packed everything in your bag and are ready to go, you will have to unpack everything yourself, because you still have things to do at the computer. If it's a CS:GO tournament, then you primarily need to save your CFG file so that all your "binds" are saved at once and you don't have to spend minutes re-entering everything. Also, double authentication should be checked everywhere - for security. Check that you remember all the logins.
  4. When you finally go to the LAN, wait for permission and then connect all your peripherals so you can connect to Steam or whatever platform you're using, and then start warming up!
  5. After playing the game, remember that there will be others using these computers, so log out of all your emails, Steam, and double-check that you haven't saved your passwords. If not, there is a risk that someone can misuse your information, and none of us wants that.
  6. Remember, win or lose, the important thing is to have a good time!